Proportional Representation in State Legislatures

What I Support

       I am in favor of changing the way we elect officials in each state legislatures' lower chamber by switching from the standard first-past-the-post electoral system to a proportional representation (PR) electoral system. This would eliminate gerrymandering in the lower chamber, more accurately reflect the will of voters, increase the number of viable political parties, and help to distinguish a state's lower chamber from its upper chamber.

       The specific system I support is a three-vote single-district PR electoral system. In this system, voters would be given three votes to distribute amongst qualified parties. All three votes could go to one party, or they could be split up. A three-vote system would allow voters who support more than one party or those who aren't strongly tied to any specific party to represent their political party preferences more accurately. This PR electoral system would pave the way for newer parties to emerge (Teachers Party, STEM Party, Pro-Union Party, Pro-Life Party, 2nd Amendment Party, Minimum Wage Workers Party, Civil Rights Party, etc.) since minor parties could actually win a seat or two.