Political Beliefs

The Standard Representation of Political Beliefs 

       A common single-lined representation for political beliefs resembles the following:

PI - line.png

       This representation is decent, but it fails to capture just how rational, beneficial, or successful ideas and ideologies are. One interesting thing to note here is the misconception that democrats are always liberal, and republicans are always conservative. When it comes to gun control, the environment, energy, campaign finance laws, and mask wearing, democrats are actually more likely to be conservative and republicans are more likely to be liberal.


A More Thorough Representation of Political Beliefs

       While still incorporating the traditional left-right spectrums, a more thorough representation of political beliefs can be expressed below.

Political beliefs 3.png

My Thoughts

       I believe that the disfunction and ineffectiveness in our government stems from the expansion of the lower left and lower right in each party. Rational thought, logical proposals, and genuine discussions aren't at the level they need to be in large part because of these two groups. Although easier said than done, I support the elections of those who can have honest and rational discussions on a wide range of issues in order for our government to become more effective at solving the issues and problems we face today.