The Vagueness of Pro-Choice

       The term pro-choice is quite vague as it only provides a limited understanding of a person's stance on abortion. For example, you can have three people who are all considered to be pro-choice, but if one of them opposes abortion after week 10 of a pregnancy, another opposes them after week 16, and the third after week 24, then the term loses much of its significance. Instead, more emphasis should be placed on the week or range of weeks in which one switches from being pro-choice to becoming pro-life rather than simply emphasizing the fact that they are pro-choice. Doing so will help people establish a more thorough and well-thought-out position on abortion.


Formulating a Position on Abortion

       When formulating a position on abortion, I believe the best place to start is by viewing the week-by-week development of a fetus. In reading and looking at the changes that occur, one should get a sense of when they are completely in favor and completely opposed and eventually narrow it down to the week or range of weeks in which they make the switch. There are many other factors to consider when formulating a position on abortion, but this is an excellent place to start.


My Personal and Political Positions on Abortion

       My personal stance on abortion is that I switch from being pro-choice to pro-life right around week 10 of a pregnancy. As for my political stance on abortion, I would support the federal government guaranteeing a woman’s right to have an abortion within the first 6 weeks of a pregnancy as well as guaranteeing a fetus’s right to life after week 13 of a pregnancy. Essentially, I support giving states the power to choose their own abortion laws so long as they are not banned before week 7 nor allowed after week 13.